- For those who are planning to have "Japan -related " events -

We support your "Japan-related" events by promoting your ads on this website

Followings are the details for this project;

  • We will advertise "Japan" related events on this website
  • The length of advertisement on this website is 2 months. We need at least 2 weeks to put your ads on our website.
  • The URL will be "www.jfestival.net/youreventname.
  • Because our URL is www.jfestival.net, we only advertise "Japan" related events.
  • Your ads will be one-page long, please contact us by email.
  • The details will be discussed by email.


For groups and individuals that are organizing the same kind of events as we did

We believe that sharing Japanese culture in different countries is very important in terms of "Cultural Exchange, and Cross - Cultural understanding". We would like to support the people who plan to organize Cultural Exchange activities. We also think that this website can connect the people who organize Japan-festivals around the world.

For those who visited this website from Japan

We also would like the people in Japan to be aware that Japanese people who live overseas share the culture with people from all over the world. We hope that people in Japan will realize how Japanese people who live overseas are putting effort to introduce the culture. By launching this project, we hope that many people in Japan will again realize that the Japanese people in overseas are doing excellent works to share their cultures with people from all over the world.

For people to be aware that there were Japanese festivals in Nanaimo

We would like as many people as possible to know that there were Japanese festivals in Nanaimo. We had over 2000 people came to the festivals. We hope that this website will give you an idea of what we have done in the festivals.

Future goals

There is no charge to put your event ads on this website now. Our future plan is to ask for donation in return for us to put your event ads on this website. Our ultimate goal is to donate the money that we earned from this project. When we earn sufficient amount of money from this project, we will choose organization(s), then we will donate all the money that we earned. There will not be any profits that come to us. Event organizers will use this website to promote their event, and we will receive some donations from those event organizers, and those donations will be used by the organizations that will be chosen by us.

This project may be finished without any notification. When we stop this project, then we still donate all the money that we earn from this project right away.

Please contact us by email if you are interested in promoting your event on this website.

Daisuke Sugiwaki - Project organizer